Advice 1: How to put the brew

A great summer drink that does not contain in its composition of excess dyes and preservatives – is the brew. However, in order to be fully confident in the quality, much easier and cheaper to make the brew yourself.
How to put the brew
You will need
    • 3 liters of water;
    • a tablespoon of raisins;
    • 300 grams of black bread;
    • 200 grams of sugar;
    • teaspoon of dry yeast.
Before you supply the brew, you must prepare the starter. For it is taken the bread out of rye flour, "rye", cut into pieces and dried in the oven. The darker the bread, the brighter hue of the brew. You can dry the crackers in the natural conditions, but in this case the color of the drink will not be as intense. When the bread will become toasted, but not too fried breadcrumbs, you must wait for it to cool down, and then you can proceed to the next stage.
To the bottom three-liter jars or enameled pan is bread, there is added a teaspoon without top dry yeast, 200 grams of sugar, a tablespoon of grains of raisins. Without the latter component can be dispensed with, but with raisins brew is more distinctive. All of this is filled with warm boiled water, after which the dishes put aside aside.
Home brew infused at room temperature. The summer heat is ready sometimes enough one day. The cooler temperature and the greater the volume of liquid leaven, the longer you brew at home will be prepared. Signs that the drink has matured, similar to those observed in yeast dough: on the surface of the liquid small bubbles appear. The taste of the drink is lightly carbonated, tart and sweet. Then it should drain and pour into bottles and store in the refrigerator. The remaining bread yeast can shift into a glass jar and also refrigerate. If you use it in addition to the new portion bread when leaven of brew next time, the yeast will not be added.
Useful advice
With all the amenities of kvass you need to remember that this is a fairly nutritious drink containing sugar and yeast. So drink it in large quantities instead of plain water is not necessary even to those who are not concerned with the problem of excess weight.

Advice 2 : How to make kvass

For more than 1000 years of its history, the brew has acquired the status of not only national, but also the most useful drink. Even in Russia knew kvass not only quenches thirst well on a hot summer day, it is also useful for vitamin deficiency, fatigue, has a bactericidal effect. And most importantly - it can be prepared at home. Just need to know what kvass is produced by fermentation and infusion of bread, water, sugar, malt and yeast. To taste you can add raisins, lemon, herbs, cranberries, cranberries, mountain ash. Don't forget that on the basis of kvass it is possible to do as a hash, and, for example, the ture or beet soup.
The brew is berry, herbal, fruit, vegetable. But the classic is bread and malt.
You will need
    • 25 g of yeast
    • 3 liters of water
    • 1 kg of rye bread
    • 100 g raisins
    • 100 g sugar
    • 100 g of honey
    • 200 g root ginger or 100 g of horseradish
For making home brew for a start, preheat the oven at 200oC. On a baking sheet spread the bread crumbs and place in oven for 15 minutes. Put the breadcrumbs in a wide pan.
Boil water separately. Pour over crackers. Cover the pan with a towel, allowing the mixture to steep for 3-4 hours.
Strain the infusion through a sieve. Pour it into a new pot. Add sugar, yeast. Cover the infusion with a towel. Leave it to ferment for days.
Again strain the infusion. Add the raisins, honey, grated ginger or horseradish. Now the brew you can drink. The rest of the drink pour into a resealable bottle and store in the fridge.
If adding horseradish or ginger brew is very sharp, recommended in the recipe the amount of these additives can be reduced by half.
Useful advice
As a flavor addition to homemade kvas is also suitable leaves of black currant, cherry or lemon balm, dried fruit and berries.
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