Advice 1: How to make home brew

Kvass has long been famous for its useful properties. Drink quenches thirst, promotes the excretion of toxins from the body, has healing properties. Kvass can be bought in the store, and can be done in home conditions. Moreover, this process will not require any material costs and does not take much time.
How to make home brew
You will need
    • large saucepan;
    • an aluminum pan;
    • rye bread;
    • 100 g raisins;
    • 1 1/2 cups of sugar;
    • 1 tablespoon of dry yeast;
    • 1/2 tbsp of citric acid;
    • 5 liters of water;
    • 4 liter empty bottle or 2 three-liter cans.
In a large pot, pour the five liters of warm water from the tap. Add 1/2 Cup sugar and mix thoroughly. At the same time you need to put fire aluminum pan, pour into it the sugar in the number one Cup. When the color of the sugar will turn brown and it will melt, turn off the heat.
Aluminum contents of the pan pour into a large pot with water. If sugar stuck to the bottom, you have diluted with a little water and overcook. Then pour the sugar back into the pot of water. Sugar fried to the color of the brew was a Golden brown, additionally, the original drink gets its delicate taste and pleasant aroma.
Pour into a large saucepan one tablespoon of dry yeast and 1/2 tablespoon of citric acid. Contents mix and place not less than four hours in a warm place (e.g. on a Sunny windowsill or on the balcony). In a private house or cottage brew can make the yard and put under direct sunlight. Stir the pan contents and pour into plastic bottles.
Bottle store in the fridge for a day. To enhance the gas, can put them in bread crust and a few raisins. When the kvass is ready, open a bottle very carefully, because due to the strong air pressure the beverage can flow out.
Bread kvass is prepared from rye bread. To do this, slice it into medium pieces 5 cm long and dry in the oven until Golden state. In order to improve the flavour can add mint, honey, chamomile, tea leaves. In addition, widespread recipe of kvass on the basis of Apple mash.From home brew grain flavor, bright brown color, smooth consistency and a spicy flavor.
The longer the brew the sun, the more pronounced will be the fermentation process inside. Therefore, it is important not to overdo the drink, so as not to spoil the taste.
Useful advice
The brew can be poured not only into bottles but also in large glass jars.

Advice 2 : How to make home brew from a dry starter culture?

Kvass is one of the oldest, non-alcoholic, beverages, prepared on the basis of fermentation of flour and malt, dry rye bread. It was invented over a thousand years ago, but nowadays it is a well-known.
How to cook kvass


-3 tablespoons of dry kvass;

-3 tablespoons of sugar;

-2 liters of water;


-Rye bread.



Buy store easy dry brew, take 3 tablespoons of dry kvass put them in a pot and cover with water. Place the pot with all its contents on the fire and wait until all the liquid has boiled for 5 minutes. Next, pour in three-liter jar, add water, sugar and a spoon of milk. Once the Bank is full almost to the brim, add a few pieces of rye bread (in any case not white) and put the jar in a warm place, covered with a saucer or gauze. Over time, the brew becomes much lighter and the fermentation process is already happening, the contents of the can pour into bottles and close the lids, then it is necessary to clean a cold place. And get ready to drink in 3 days.

All the useful qualities he acquires, when the process of fermentation. A drink of dry kvass, as with any other kind of brew can cure various diseases, namely: gastritis, hypertension, dysbacteriosis, various diseases of the heart. And in a jiffy can bring up people who have weak immunity, because those acids that it has, lead to the decomposition of the sick and dead cells.

Your vitamins he receives from yeast, when used in this brew are strengthened tooth enamel, the level of ability to work of every citizen. Can be used during the diet, which helps in improving the metabolism and digestive tract, helps in digestion process of different foods and fatty meats, which were eaten by the man a few minutes, hours earlier, increases the appetite and makes the level of fluids and salts in the body within normal limits.

In this drink, there are negative qualities. You can not drink, people that have kidney problems, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney stone disease and any other disease or you may cause an exacerbation of the disease in any field. It also has a 1 – 2% alcohol, it is strictly forbidden to drink people who are driving a car, or you might for this reason conflicts with the authorities.

Advice 3 : How to put home brew

Kvass is popular in Russia soft drink on the basis of preparing wonderful cold soup – okroshka. Recipes of preparation of kvass a great variety in every region it is prepared differently.
How to put home brew

One of the recipes for tasty white okroshka kvass involves the use as a starter the usual bread dough. It is comfortable – if you make the dough a little more, it is possible to "kill two birds with one stone − bake bread and put the brew.

For 5 liters of drink will need half a kilo of dough. Have them from 2.5-3 cups of flour, 1 Cup of cold boiled water, 6-7 g of pressed or 0.5 teaspoon dry yeast. They are bred in water, pour this mixture into the flour, knead the dough and put it for 1-2 hours in the heat to sour.

Boil 4 quarts of water, cool it to 35-45°With, put it in the sugar 0.5 cups, sour dough and allowed to stand in a warm place. For the maturation of the brew only two days. After fermentation is sharp, moderately acidic, white drink, ready to drink.

Paint over the brew, to make it a rich brown color is burnt sugar or burnt crusts of bread (croutons). Sugar poured into a dry hot pan and melt until brown. Hot syrup is poured into the brew. Kvass is bottled, sealed and put in the fridge. Drink quenches thirst, based on it turns out delicious hash.

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