To grow this healthy culture, you should allocate it for a significant plot of land, because its average yield is 8-10 quintals per hectare. Ie to put it on a small plot only makes sense to use as green manure (organic fertilizer).
Also, keep in mind that buckwheat can be grown everywhere. It grows well in fertile, loose, well-fluffed and warmed soils and does not tolerate heavy clay, waterlogged, acidic soils and salt marshes. If your site is not enough nutrients, remember that before sowing of buckwheat is not worth it to univariate. Buckwheat needs only mineral fertilizers, particularly NPK, nitrophoska or (in the forest) and granulated superphosphate (in the desert). These grains are fed phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. But remember that the composition of fertilizers used for buckwheat, should never be chlorine.
If the land you have enough, prepare for planting seeds. How much you will need depends on climatic conditions, soil and method of planting. In cold areas, the seeding rate – 90 kg per hectare, in a warm – up to 70 if the crap gets narrow rows, and 60-45 kg, respectively, if the method of planting in wide.
In any case, try to find the choicest seeds are big and healthy looking. Before planting, treat their micronutrients content of boric acid and molybdenum ammonium or wood ashes.
Buckwheat be sown not earlier than in may, after the danger has passed spring frosts, as it shoots at a temperature of minus 2-3 degrees die. She is sensitive to autumn frosts.
Sow buckwheat depending on your soil. If she is poor, and weeds on it a little, spacing can be 8 to 15 cm If the land is fertile and littered with weeds, aisle is better to make wide, up to 45 cm. This will give you the opportunity to process the rows and easy to make dressing. Early maturing varieties of buckwheat is better to sow a heap of narrow rows.
After sowing grain (seeding depth of 4 cm on heavy soils to 8 in the lungs), the soil is rolled up. Before the emergence occurs a harrowing of crops, so as not to form a crust through which the tender shoots of buckwheat didn't make it.
Before flowering buckwheat, try to arrange regular watering. Aisle treat at least three times. The third time the plants should be well Spud, to destroy the weeds.
For protection of this crop from pests can be treated with insecticides. But it is better not to do if aphids and flea beetles do not reproduce EN masse, since, as a rule, a few days before flowering buckwheat field near the place of the hive.
To harvest get when I see that papurello up to 80% of the fruit. To thresh grain laid 3-4 days after mowing.