You will need
  • - 2 spoons,
  • - bottle
  • a syringe without the needle.
Young parents do not know how to get baby to take the pills, especially if it is not tried in his life, nothing but breast milk. The first and easiest way to crush the required amount of drug, mix with water, milk or other liquid present in the diet of the baby and give with a spoon. Nothing bad will happen if a child begins to learn a useful skill of eating with a spoon a little earlier than you planned introduction of complementary foods. For the safety of the delicate baby gums it is best to buy special silicone spoons, which will be useful in the future.
If the baby refuses to eat or drink with a spoon, you can offer him crushed and mixed with liquid pills in the bottle. However, it will have to very carefully grind because the hole in the silicone nipple small. With this method, is linked to another difficulty: if the child refuses to drink the entire contents of the bottle, you will find it hard to estimate the actual number of adopted drug.
The most effective way to give the child a tablet to use a conventional medical syringe without a needle. Simply mix the crushed pill with the liquid to fill the syringe and inject it into the baby's mouth. Don't be afraid that the child will choke — babies have pronounced swallowing reflex. So you most likely will not spill a drop of the drug.