If you noticed that cucumbers lightly wilted the leaves in the daytime, and at night again took its original position, then do not worry - this is a natural process, so the plant reacts to heat. This can be avoided only by more frequent watering, and watering, it is desirable to produce not only in the evening, but in the daytime, after which it is necessary to close the cucumbers from direct sunlight.

One of the most common causes of drying up of the leaves of cucumbers - overfeeding fertilizers. In this case, to save the plants will help again the water. Liberally pour the cucumbers warm water, it will significantly reduce the concentration of fertilizer in the ground (i.e., dilute) and the plants will escape death.

The most common cause of drying of lower leaves of cucumbers is root rot. From this disease often suffer from already adult plants: cucumbers observed yellowing and wilting of lower leaves, basal part of stems turn brown and fray, resulting in complete drying of the plant. The causative agent of the disease are fungi of the genus Fusarium, therefore, to save the cucumbers is required or disinfection of the soil (for example, a biological preparation trichodermin"), or its complete replacement.

To hurt the plant can not only viruses, but also ordinary aphids. Look at the drying of the leaves, especially look closely at the lower part of them: if you are going to see a tiny translucent or dark bugs, the aphids. There are many drugs that successfully compete with these pests, get one of them and use as specified in the instructions. Well-proven and traditional recipes against aphids:

- infusion of celandine (200 grams of dried leaves of celandine, pour 10 liters of water, let stand for a couple of days, then spray the resulting infusion plants);

- infusion of wood ash (pour two cups of ash 10 liters of water, add half of the sliced piece of soap, stir, let sit for a couple hours, then spray the resulting infusion cucumbers).