Borage belongs to the family benackova and has people such as borage, which received his strong scent of fresh cucumber. In the drug books found in the name borage officinalis. Borage - an annual early-maturing cold-tolerant plant, growing conditions are quite undemanding. Will grow in any soil, in sun and in partial shade. Best their nutritional and healing qualities of borage will be shown on the land loose and fertile.

How to grow borage?

The technique of cultivation borage is very easy to handle even a child. Seeds are sown in early spring days starting in April in several terms, as a conveyor of culture. When sown in early April greens ready in mid-may. Strong amicable shoots appear after 5...9 days. Depth of seeding in soil from 2..2.5 cm to 3..4 cm, if the soil is light or sandy. Between the plants, leaving a distance of 8 to 15 cm, between rows - 30...45 cm

Plants have good growth at moderate temperatures and good soil seasoned. In hot weather Borago quickly strelyatsya and throws flower stalk. Therefore, in dry weather the plants need watering. Care Borago consists of richline, weeding and watering. Clean cucumber greens as sprouting young leaves. Senescent leaves are more coarse and tasteless. Use the leaves until strelkovanie plants. To obtain the young green crops, a second, letting the top of summer, i.e. the hottest time of the summer season.

What to eat borage?

Borage leaves are pubescent, so it is better not to cut to dishes, and crushed, as did our grandmothers, flavoring fragrant cucumber dressing salads, cold soups, hash, vinaigrettes, sauces, gravies, marinades, vinegars. Fresh flowers, fruit flavored cold drinks. And candied flowers to decorate cakes. Dried flowers enhance the taste of baked goods.

What is nourishing and healing power of borage?

Plants have a wide range of nutrient composition. They in large quantities are vitamins, organic acids, volatile oil, tannic and mucous substances, sugars, carotene, and minerals. Medicinally borage is used since ancient times, with a reduced body tone and melancholy. Used in folk medicine the whole aerial part of plants. Infusion of flowers and leaves is drunk in cases of neurosis of the heart and nervous disorders, rheumatic pains in joints and muscles, gout, in the metabolic. Herb used as a diuretic, diaphoretic, laxative, emollient and enveloping the drug.