Moral fatigue: symptoms, causes, and consequences

Unlike physical stress, moral fatigue is not manifested by muscle pain or any other parts of the body. It can be compared to nervous exhaustion, mental strain. Mentally tired man is easy to identify by the characteristic external signs: the slumped shoulders, dead eyes, soft speech, sometimes there may be excessive emotionality, aggressiveness, tearfulness, etc. It can tear some internal contradictions, unresolved conflicts, problems of self -, social maladjustment, etc.

A consequence of mental fatigue can be various autonomic disorders of the Central nervous system, neurosis, psychosis, fatigue, etc. Long stay in a depressed, depressed can lead to functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, decrease immunity, weaken the whole body.

As noted above, causes mental fatigue can be very diverse and depend on the specifics of the situation for each individual. Effects and consequences of this condition can also be quite different, the stronger the character of the person with a sanguine type of temperament to cope with difficulties much faster and with fewer losses than, say, melancholic.

How to deal with moral fatigue?

Try time to resolve all internal and external conflicts, and it is better to avoid them altogether. In a series of stressful work, people find time to relax, learn to relax, and to do this, practice meditation, yoga. Change your environment, travel, go Hiking, go on trips. New and exciting experiences, expanding his horizons, passion for anything- all of this distracts from pressing problems.

Refrain from habits of constant scrolling in the thoughts of the same intractable issues. Promise yourself to think about the problems tomorrow, but for today relax, free your body from fear, envy, heartache and other emotions. Locate an interesting hobby. It is important that your life was filled with work and life, but also something that would be of undeniable pleasure.

Do not make too high demands either to myself or to the people around you. Remember that all cases can not be undone, all not make any money. Find time to relax. If you feel that you are overcome with constant moral fatigue, which turns into depression, seek advice from a skilled therapist.