All men love with their eyes, but for the Lion attractiveness – a prerequisite. He will never pay attention to ordinary-looking girl, no matter how kind and intelligent she was not. A girl who wants to keep a man-Lion nearby, should always keep themselves in good shape. Leo will soon forgive his wife no dinner than groomed appearance.
For Leo it is important the opinion of others, so it is not enough to love a woman, you need to have his wife admired all around. If the girl will like other men, the lion will take that as a compliment to your address. He almost physically needed envy from other people. Lions are not homebodies, so the companion of his life must be ready for social life. While at the party she won't be able to sit on the sidelines, she needs to Shine wit and charming smiles. First and foremost companion of Leo – bright and showy to look at the girl
The lion is the king, and he does not tolerate disobedience. "There are two opinions. One is mine, second is wrong." this statement perfectly describes the essence of the psychology of men of this sign. A woman who wants to conquer the heart of a Lion must learn to be obedient and get used to the fact that her opinion will often simply ignored. With all this, the male lion is unlikely to want to see quite so weak-willed girl. She must be a person with dignity.
For Leo it is important to be the center of attention, he likes to philosophize. Leo considers himself a consummate orator and revels in his eloquence. It is important not what he says and how he says. In order to make a Lion with his fan, you just need to learn to listen. While it is not necessary to interrupt and make comments. You should never question the dignity of the Lion and humiliate him in front of strangers. He will never forgive. Sharp and poignant observations of a Lion at times can be very painful to hurt, especially loved ones. This problem need to discuss, for the sake of loved one Leo is able to make concessions.
Leo wants his woman was bright, charming and liked by all people. However, he will not tolerate that it overshadowed. To find a balance in this situation - a very difficult task. Alternatively, it is possible to demonstrate the dependence of the Lion on people, and then at home he becomes a kitten. Seeing that strong and vibrant woman ready to be in his shadow, the lion will turn on the mountain to make this woman happy.