To begin with, remember that the "downtrodden", insecure woman cradling their complexes, do not deserve even a glance of a male Lion. The appearance of the lady is very meaningful to him: "predator" prefer bright, spectacular beauty, take care of their figure and appearance. However, the beautiful "doll", are only interested in shopping and fashionable night party, to claim only the role of the "throwaway" girl.
It would seem that a stylish, well-groomed women-career girls deserve the attention of a Lion like no other. Doubt this fact is not exposed, but there is a small addition: rather, a business woman interested in man as a business partner or an interesting interlocutor.
To catch and tame a Lion will not for each. It is difficult to assume, what should be the ideal companion of the sign, if it can't interest any housewife or career woman or model. Actually the secret is pretty simple: a man will carry away that which does not show their interest directly. How would you not want to show sympathy, you should not afford it.
The company hold strictly, while mildly charming all male society, no one is giving preference and allocating. You should be able to defend their opinions, passionately arguing their point of view while remaining calm in relation to the interlocutors.
Your appearance should "say" that you are well aware your individuality, and Arsenal have many more "highlights". You should "spark" and stand out against other women, not clothes, not makeup, and originality. The male lion when you look for you must understand that, despite the discreet look, you can smartly log in to a steep turn without losing self-control, austerity and mystery that surround you, bordering with passion and gentleness.
The conquest of a man-Lion is only to graciously allow him little courtship, which then develop into something more. Active action on the part of women only scare off and disappoint the Lion.