Before the male Lion always needs to be in the audience. He really needs enthusiastic female fans. Become her for him – and you will be able to enjoy the same favor with this man.
You can easily seduce Lion-man, if you play correctly. Heed to his every word, cheer for him, flatter him, follow his advice, and respect and adore him. A good compliment can throw the Lion to your feet, there's a bit of peacock. He can't live without love, he needs to be worshiped, otherwise it will wither. Understand it literally.
Do not offer your help to the man of this sign. You can greatly hurt Leo, because he doesn't like to appear weak in someone's eyes. On the contrary, weep for him in a vest and ask them to support you - what would you have asked, lion will do it for you with pleasure.
Taking care of a woman, the Leo man rarely saves money. Do not resist this, but know that the affair with the Lion will never run smoothly, without trouble. It will tell you what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what books should be read, etc., Remember that in his mind you must belong to him body and soul.
Men born under this sign are very jealous. Don't forget the power of the impulsive character of the Lion. Do not try to thrill his accidental flirt with the man. He knows that you want more. The proof of this he does not need. Think about what the angry lion can bulldoze your friend that you was trying to flirt.
Learn to tolerate the fact that your male lion openly admires other women. His courtship is usually innocent. Treat them right and do not be jealous.
Be prepared to always balance the enthusiasm of a Lion with her quiet mind. Learn how to calm him. Your main weapon should be a tenderness and affection - but they can affect your violent man.
Forget about your own career, choosing the man-Lion. From now on, your career – this is it! And your work in comparison with his case – nothing. Leo does not tolerate any competition.
Aspire to be the Queen in any society. It is unlikely that you will win the man-Lion, if you will not be able to achieve this.