People born under the sign of Leo, a love relationship above all else spiritual unity. Prudence when choosing a life partner is alien to them. While Lions do not suffer prudence and potential partners. If the object of interest of the Lion shows excessive earthiness and lack of romance, his feelings towards him immediately cooled.

From the elect Leo wants affection, tenderness and recognition of their dominant role. The Lion has a very developed instinct of the owner, so from his lover, he expects obedience, admiration and respect. If Leo chooses the "weaker" partner (less than intellectually developed or standing below on the social ladder), he feels lonely. So for Leo it is important to see a partner in life, a person, equal to him.

Zodiac signs most compatible with Leo

The perfect companion for Leo are Twins. This zodiac sign is romantic, loves adventure and adventure and, most importantly, ready to make concessions. In this partnership the lion easily realizes his desire to dominate, and the Twins will not resist.

A successful partnership awaits Leo and Libra. These zodiac signs are quite different in nature, which allows them to complement each other. Peacefulness and balance Weights smooth out excessive aggressiveness of a Lion, but also contribute to the development of his creative abilities. Lion, in turn, helps Libra overcome uncertainty and gain confidence with their own abilities.

Quite harmonious Union of a Lion can be folded with Sagittarius. Both signs of the zodiac have developed leadership qualities and a desire to succeed that ensures a commonality of interests. While it will be difficult to give each other and reach compromises, but the ardor and passion in the relationship for a long time will not fade.

Very similar to the Union with Sagittarius is the relationship that may exist between Leo and Scorpio. This partnership will also be strengthened by common goals — the desire to achieve success and personal development. Disagreement is possible only on financial grounds: the lion suffers from the excessive generosity, and Scorpio — frugality.

Another sign of the zodiac with developed leadership qualities, with whom Leo can develop a successful Union is Aries. The Foundation that binds the relationship, as in the case with Archers and Scorpions, is a community of interests. The desire for self-realization, pronounced lions and Rams, helping them to understand each other.

The signs of the zodiac, which are not compatible with Lion

Complex and contradictory relationship, full of quarrels and conflicts usually develop between Leo and Taurus. The stubbornness of Taurus and the Leo-centeredness collide among themselves, leaving to the partners the chance to understand each other.

Unpromising is a partnership between Leo and Cancer. These zodiac signs prefer a fundamentally different way of life: Leo is energetic and loves social events, and Cancer is a homebody and focused on his own emotions.

Opposites are Leo and Capricorn. Leo impulsive, likes to be the center of attention, but Capricorn is secretive and prefers to be in the shade.

Too different temperaments have Leo and Pisces. Energetic Leo confuses the Fish of their aggressiveness and unpredictable Pisces Leo seem illogical and cold.

It is difficult to adapt to each other the lion and the virgin. Lion annoying pedantry and nitpicking Virgo, the virgin — activity and sverhordinarnogo Lion.

As a rule, poorly the relationship between Leo and Aquarius. Leo seeks to dominate and rule, and Aquarius appreciates their freedom and independence.

The Lions should not choose as a companion life representative zodiac sign. Lions do not wish to concede each other's lead, which ultimately will result in a constant struggle for power.