Advice 1: How to fall in love with the lion

If chosen, your heart became conceited and proud male lion, you have to try to make him love me. But there are some proven ways by which you can not only get the attention of the Lion, but to gain his love.
How to fall in love with the lion
Male Lions love it when admire them. So don't be afraid to overdo it with the compliments of: Leo will love that even blatant flattery.
Become attentive and interested listener: the Lions like to talk about. Can ask lots of questions – the male lion will be glad to answer all. Keep in mind that to kill a Lion not worth it, it's very annoying.
To interest a man-Lion can be exotic or extravagant gift. In General, the Lions are very fond of broad gestures. If you love to save on everything, don't even try to fall in love with the Lion.
To win the man-Lion the easiest way to women with a strong personality, great looks and personality. Bright and strong woman next to a Lion is another proof of its exclusivity. But note that if you are going to outshine, the lion will simply lose interest in you. So certainly try to get the male lion to feel next to you the one and only.
Start a relationship with a Leo only if they themselves possess emotional stability, allowing lossless to endure his outbursts of emotion. Be prepared for the fact that you occasionally have to support the Lion in difficult situations and to dispel his concerns.
Man in love-Leo is very romantic, he is not alien to the sense of beauty. It will be appreciated by a romantic walk in the moonlight or candlelight dinner.
The male lion in love does not tolerate restrictions of their freedom as well as boredom and monotony in the relationship. The constant scenes of jealousy on your part or routine in the relationship will turn away from you the Lion forever. Keep in mind that, despite their own love of freedom, Leo is very jealous and will not forgive you attention to other men.
If you want to keep a man-Lion, forget about the criticism. The lion is simply unacceptable. But a good sense of humor will be for you a real help, but in any case do not do Lion the object of his jokes.
If You met a man the lion and want to marry her or just to entice, keep in mind that all the other planets also affect his nature. For example, it can have a piece of the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) that causes him to seek stability in his emotional life. Also look for the influence of Venus and Mars on its complexity.
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THE MALE LION. You need "the king"? Loyal, falling down at the first rays of his illustrious aura, and watching every movement of his Royal eyelashes. All this, and much such have to represent you, if you want to win a lion. You'll cover for it with generous gifts and attention, which is, however, tinged with selfishness: "You're beautiful, because - next to me." This is partly true, as the fire warms the lion and the lion often gives more warmth than it receives.

Advice 2: How to fall in love again

Life is arranged so that the first always deserve more attention than the second and third. Even in love is this: there are many treatises on how to fall in love at first sight. And almost nothing is known about how to fall in love a second time. But so many people realize that they have lost, only after breaking up with someone or on the edge of the abyss with the threat of separation. Sometimes the ability to re-fall in love with the cold man becomes a healthier alternative to separation or divorce. What to do if you need to resurrect feelings?
How to fall in love again
Define realistic objectives. While you re not lost her mind from the man right in the eye and decide if we can start all over again? If both are set to the relationship is a good sign. If your partner does not want to see you, it's a completely different situation. Help produce reliable knowledge about the intentions of the former partner can friends and common acquaintances.
Set a plan of action. Family psychologists claim that if ex-spouses or lovers start to see each other regularly, and while both are free, their chance for the resumption of the novel is about 95 percent. If your ex-spouse while alone, and General hanging out with friends, General business or even work in one company will increase your chance to re-connect.
Remember all the best moments of the novel and try to reproduce them. Each of the former pair have their sweet rituals. Someone loved to walk together in a sports bar, and someone I loved to look at the pictures. Everything that brings fond memories of past events, can help to fall in love again a guy or a girl.
Tell a mutual friend about his feelings. There's a trick to fall in love with the person, which can be attributed to the manipulation. Sometimes it is enough to tell mutual friends about how you like the former or the former and ask never give your secret. Most importantly – tell us as much as possible a circle of trusted individuals that the information just came to the man. Please be patient and wait. People often find themselves unable to resist the one who is clearly interested and not afraid to talk about it to friends.
Do the work on the bugs. Reuniting, it is important to understand what led to the breakup. One should not gloss over problems, on the contrary, you need to sit down and have a heart to understand how to prevent breakups in the future.
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