Thrush – a disease caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida, is considered a female disease, because these fungi survive poorly on male genitalia due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the genitourinary system. But if you had sexual contact with a sick woman in the period of low immunity, you can also get thrush. Fungi, trapped in your sex organs, begin to multiply rapidly causing candidal balanoposthitis. Failure to comply with elementary rules of hygiene the disease will only progress, exacerbating the already unpleasant symptoms.
What can bother you with candidal balanoposthitis? Itching, burning, swelling of the glans and the foreskin, unpleasant odor, white patches on the genitals and unpleasant and painful sensations during intercourse. If you experience these symptoms you should consult a doctor-urologist, who will prescribe you "Clotrimazole". This drug is an antifungal drug intended for local treatment of thrush in men. Small doses of the cream is able to stop the growth and reproduction of fungi, large and completely destroy the fungal cells.
How to apply "Clotrimazole" men? To get rid of Candida balanoposthitis you should twice a day and apply the ointment in a thin layer on clean skin of the glans and foreskin. The course of treatment is about 7 days. This drug is poorly absorbed into the blood, accumulate in the mucous surfaces of the skin, due to which is achieved its maximum effect. "Clotrimazole" recommended candidal stomatitis, fungal defeat smooth skin and urogenital candidiasis.
During treatment you should limit the intake of meals which can enhance symptoms. It is too salty, spicy and sweet foods. Unacceptable during therapy "Clotrimazole" to drink alcohol and to live a sexual life. If you first noticed the symptoms of this disease, and your partner is no matter what does not complain, she in any case needs to be on reception to the gynecologist for examination, otherwise you will again be able to get from her thrush.
Many men think yeast infection harmless disease that is able to pass naturally. Do not expose yourself to the risk of fungi Candida can affect the bladder and kidneys, and then you have to treat this disease.