"Clotrimazole" is prescribed for fungal skin diseases and mucous membranes, mycosis, ringworm, genital infections, microsporia, tinea versicolor shingles, candidiasis (thrush). For the treatment of thrush, localized on the genitals, it is better to use vaginal tablets or cream. With the defeat of the skin or nails, it is recommended to use the drug in the form of a solution. "Clotrimazole" works as follows: it destroys the membrane of the causative agent of the disease, the fungi become unviable. The drug is poorly absorbed through the mucous membranes and through the skin, so it has only local effect.
Vaginal tablets or suppositories "Clotrimazole" for thrush, apply once a day for 6 days. They enter deeply into the vagina in the supine position. Better to do it in the evening before bed. If necessary, in coordination with the physician re treatment. Before using the solution "Clotrimazole" wash with soap and water and wipe dry parts of the body affected by yeast infection and then apply a drug. During treatment, wear clothes made from natural fibers. When Candida balanitis or Candida vulvitis, use candles, tablets simultaneously with the cream "Clotrimazole". Apply solution or cream several times a day on the affected area for one to two weeks.
"Clotrimazole" effective in the acute form of thrush, to treat chronic forms of the disease additionally prescribe another drug in tablets for oral administration (e.g., fluconazole). While the use of efficiency "Clotrimazole" reduces "Nystatin", "Amphotericin b", "Natamycin". Do not use the drug for the treatment of thrush in the first three months of pregnancy. With care, strictly according to indications, it is used in the second and third trimesters and in lactation. Nursing mothers are contraindicated to apply the gel to the breast.
While using the cream "Clotrimazole" may appear swelling, irritation, burning or flaking skin, itching, rashes, the appearance of urticaria or blisters. After use vaginal tablets, suppositories may cause burning, itching, swelling of the mucous membrane, gastralgii, headache. Sometimes frequent urination, vaginal discharge, recurrent cystitis develops, you may receive pain during sexual intercourse.