Signs and causes of disease

Painful sensations during urination or sexual intercourse can be signs of inflammation of the foreskin. Also, the disease is often accompanied by burning, swelling and intolerable itching of the head of the penis, redness and rash in the area of its inner layer. Sometimes when the disease is observed discharge, increased body temperature and excessive sexual excitability.

Irritation may result from the accumulation of smegma (a mixture of secretions of sebaceous glands) due to insufficient hygiene of the penis, as well as its interaction with soap and water or lubrication for condoms. However, the causes can be more serious - various allergic diseases, diabetes, Trichomonas, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Ureaplasma, as well as other infections and viruses transmitted during intimacy.

It should be noted that irritation of the foreskin has no age boundaries. When identifying these symptoms a patient must immediately address to the urologist, who will conduct a consultation and visual examination, and order laboratory studies, on the basis of which will be clarified the cause of the disease by the treatment.

Treatment of irritation of the foreskin

If signs of inflammation are minor and the disease was detected at an early stage, the treatment involves the use of antiseptic such as a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or furatsilina. They are applied to the inflamed area after cleansing routine about 2-3 times a day.

With the obvious signs of inflammation urologist appoints antibacterial and anti-inflammatory creams or ointments, depending on the cause of the disease. In this case the hygiene of the penis is recommended to support with solutions of medicinal herbs - chamomile or oak bark.

In severe severe cases, patients are prescribed a course of detoxification of drugs, antibiotics and vitamins. When the patient is too weak, irritation treated with immunomodulatory drugs. If the cause of inflammation is a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis), the disease rid of surgically.

It is very important that the patient does not self-medicating, because it can lead to complications such as the appearance of bleeding sores on the glans penis and purulent discharge. If when you touch the sex organ of the man is in pain is a reason to immediately contact a specialist.