Advice 1: How to use corticosteroid ointment for phimosis

Phimosis is a narrowing of the foreskin, which prevents excretion beyond the glans penis. May conservative and surgical treatment of diseases.
How to use corticosteroid ointment for phimosis
Conservative treatment of phimosis is a combination of treatments stretching and application of corticosteroid ointments. Human skin has high elasticity, so it is possible to stretch it to the desired settings. Stretching of the foreskin performed in the case that narrowed prepucialna ring. The term "preputial ring" refers to a hole through which prepucialna cavity opens outward. In the norm, it is easily stretched, opening the head. Prepucialna is called the cavity between the inner part of the foreskin and head.
Stretching of the foreskin, doctors recommend to carry out at home. You need to enter the index finger in prepucialna ring and gently pull the directions up-down and right-left. In order to avoid inflammatory and painful reactions after the procedure, you must use the bath with infusions of herbs - marigold, chamomile, thyme. After stretching and baths on the glans penis and foreskin is applied corticosteroid ointment recommended by your doctor.
Usually prescribed "Hydrocortisone", "Betametason" and "Prednisolone". The therapeutic effect of corticosteroid ointment for phimosis is based on the fact that steroid hormones can increase the elasticity of the connective tissue. Drugs soften and increase the elasticity of the foreskin reduces the severity of inflammatory reactions. Repeat procedure 2 times a day for 2-3 months.
The combination of corticosteroid ointments with the method of stretching allows you to achieve a more rapid effect, promotes healing of microcracks, relieves pain. Use corticosteroid ointment is not for everyone. A contraindication to their use is the presence of viral, bacterial, fungal infections (acute or chronic). Therefore, use of corticosteroid drugs for the treatment of phimosis is possible only after consultation with a specialist and a thorough examination.
A selection of individual drugs and therapeutic doses, and permanent medical control over the course of treatment. Prolonged use of corticosteroid ointments can cause side effects: hyperpigmentation, thinning of the skin, disturbance of the structure of surface blood vessels, and allergic reactions. Uncontrolled use of possible manifestations of systemic effects of corticosteroids, the consequences of which are dangerous complications.

Advice 2: What ointment can be used under shingles

Under the mange refers to several types of skin diseases, United by a common name. Often the cause of skin depriving yourself of systemic disease of the body and violation of metabolism. Different types of lichen requires a different approach to treatment.
What ointment can be used under shingles

The reasons for the development of cutaneous lichen

The term "ringworm" can uncover hidden fungal or viral skin lesions, the treatment of which is radically different. If you were misdiagnosed or the patient was self-medicating, there is a risk of worsening the skin condition and cause complications of the disease – skin lesions will become chronic.

To avoid risk, you should always consult your doctor or dermatologist. However, to be mistaken with a correct diagnosis, the doctor may even without special studies, for some types of cutaneous lichen are very similar. To clarify the diagnosis using special skin tests and microscopic examination, which is conducted in laboratory conditions, as well as the ultraviolet rays of the spectrum.

There are several types of lichen, some of which do not require special treatment – these include pityriasis rosea. This kind of skin disease go away on their own within a certain, usually long, time. It is called by disorders in the immune system of the body and the normalization condition disappears. You only need to soften the skin, sea buckthorn oil and dry zinc ointment. Other types of lichen – scaly, cutting, color are dangerous and in need of serious and long-term care.

The cure is ringworm caused by a fungal infection of the skin

These types of diseases are caused by different types of fungus, so the treatment used antifungal preparations: creams, ointments, pills. As a local therapy doctors prescribe sulfur-salicylic ointment, which has good anti-bacterial and drying effect and the sulfur - tar, which reduces inflammation and disinfects the skin.

In addition to these ointments, a good antifungal effect have "Mecasermin", "terbinafine", "drug zistan", "Yam", "Ketoconazole" and other drugs used by prescription in different dosage forms. Often, in order to obtain a rapid effect of corticosteroid ointment apply this Solution and its counterparts, but this method of treatment may be addictive, so should only be administered on strict indications.

Treatment of herpes zoster

Shingles is caused by herpes virus, so the treatment will be fundamentally different and should be based on the use of antiviral drugs in the form of ointments, gels or creams, as well as the use of drugs-immunomodulators.

Among these drugs the most famous "Acyclovir", "Garrax", "Zovirax", "Panavir" and others. In addition to antiviral therapy prescribers to improve the condition of skin and tissue regeneration, "Panthenol", "Bepanten" and their analogues.
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