You will need
  • - blank thank you letters
  • - handle
Since this is a business document written on behalf of the management, and the simple white sheet for writing we are not satisfied. Need to stock up on stationery these letters. Forms can be purchased in virtually all stores of the office, or to order.
The text of the thank-you letters can be hand written or printed. The first option is more acceptable, as it will only amplify the feeling of gratitude.
The first structural element of the letter is an appeal. Approximately in the center of the sheet necessary to specify the surname, name and patronymic of the person (or people), in which the address and write the business letter. Sometimes you specify only the name and patronymic.
Then follows the text of the letter to parents of graduates. The text should contain words of appreciation and gratitude. At this point I want to note that the best form of gratitude would be a departure from the pattern. Of course, not easy task to compile a text in which the words will sound like a mere formality. But if this causes difficulties, then you can look for examples of good texts on the Internet.
The final and indispensable element of a thank you letter is the signature. Under the text at the bottom of the document needs to show off the seal of the institution, enduring gratitude, and the signature of either the class teacher or the Director, head teacher, the caregiver. Be sure to specify the position.