As it happens

Facial bruises heal faster than the body for about a week. But they look much more depressing, especially if a funny thing happened on the eve of important events. There can be no peace.

Women have thinner skin than men, so when you injury, shock and, as a consequence, the rupture of subcutaneous blood vessels, bruising darker. And, as the walls of blood vessels in women are also very thin, bruise "spread" over a much greater area. At the first sign of such "decoration" is urgently taken for the main methods of dealing with a bruise.

How to fix

If the bruise has settled on the face, the main task will be to reduce its size, not to give it a blurred. It is necessary to apply to the affected area ice wrapped in a handkerchief or tissue. To make the cubes directly to the person is impossible: you can get frostbite tissues. Chill about 15 minutes will narrow the blood vessels, relieve edema and dull pain.

Absolutely the opposite effect also helps to reduce bruising. Warm-up that is essential for tissue regeneration the next day after falling of the tumor. Two or three times a day for 10-15 minute to the bruise to make hot boiled egg, bags of heated salt or just compresses.

From the available tools in the fight against bruise very effective mixture of grated onions with a spoon of salt. This mush through cheesecloth and apply to the bruise for an hour a couple times a day. Alternate this "mask" can be diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream potato starch. It is applied directly to the skin for at least an hour.

If the fear to dry up the skin in this situation fades into the background, we can safely use the vinegar. A miraculous mixture composed of two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, teaspoon salt and three drops iodine. The liquid soaked cotton cloth and applied to the bruise several times a day for 5 minutes. The only disadvantage is the skin becomes dry and susceptible to sunburn.

In any pharmacy you can find creams and gels to help get rid of bruises. Prepared on the basis of badyagi or other extracts, these include and anti-inflammatory compounds and promoted healing.

From sorceress

Herbal treatment of bruises is also extremely effective. To quickly reduce these "neighbors" from the face help the teas, which were used by real quack. Flax seeds, gathered in a linen bag and boiled in it, put hot for a few minutes to damage. Drenched with boiling water, the infusion or aloe, St. John's wort or chamomile less effective, but are also used to combat bruising.