To stretch the shoes in the Shoe shop, for example, "Multi-master" - With the help of special pads for your shoes stretched to your size.
But you can also stretch shoes at home, there are many simple ways.
One of the most effective folk methods to stretch the shoes is processing alcohol. The easiest way to sprinkle or moisten shoes Cologne (alcohol, vodka) from the inside and put it on his leg in a cotton sock. In the same way to treat the top of the Shoe, and walk an hour or two in the apartment. Or you can lubricate with alcohol those parts of the Shoe, which need to stretch. And you can process shoes alcohol spray that you can make yourself. For this purpose the spray or the spray you pour a solution of alcohol and water in proportion 1:1. This spray needs to handle inside shoes, then shoes put on and wear until dry alcohol.
Shoes you haven't worn, can be softened by using castor or vegetable oil or by using vaseline. Process shoes similar to the previous method, and you're breaking it. After a few hours the shoes should be cleaned. This method is suitable not only for shoes made of genuine leather and synthetic leather. But if you want to get rid of squeaky shoes, brush her soles with a few drops of castor or vegetable oil, and then let the shoes dry.
To stretch the shoes can also be boiling water/ While leather shoes softens, expands and takes the desired shape. However, this method is only suitable for leather shoes, because leather can withstand the aggressive action of boiling water. Shoes from faux leather in this way you can also stretch, but it may appear divorce, and she loses attractive appearance.
How is it done? Just douse the inside of the shoes with boiled water, and then drained out of shoes water, wear warm shoes and wear until dry.
As an alternative, wrap the shoes for a few minutes in a cotton cloth, soaked in boiling water and be pressed. Then smear the shoes with vegetable or castor oil and leave for a day.
To expand the shoes, you can handle it from the inside 3% solution of vinegar. It will also help you to soften and stretch shoes that constrict the toes. Outside shoes can be treated by other means for stretching shoes.
Another common way of stretching shoes is like a wet newspaper. Especially this method is suitable for stretching shoes made of fabric, rubber and other non-natural materials. Moreover, such shoes are not afraid of water. Pre shoes can be a time to hold it over the steam. Then very tightly to stuff shoes with wet Newspapers (wet paper, wet socks) and leave to dry. Be careful not to distort the shape of the Shoe, because it can give a newspaper. If the Shoe looks distorted shape, remove the newspaper and try again to fill her shoes. It is important that the shoes were dried in natural conditions, away from sunlight and heaters. Drying the battery can deform the shoes. After the newspaper is completely dry, the shoes can be worn.
Stretch shoes you can also use paraffin, ie normal candle. For this inner part of the Shoe need to RUB the candle and leave for the night. Morning shoes clean from wax. If the Shoe rubs your heel, you can handle the heel is alcohol, like in shoes in socks to dry alcohol, and then wipe the heel of the Shoe a candle or soap.
To give the skin softness you can lubricate it with kerosene. This shoes need to pre-wet. However, the question remains, with the smell of the shoes... This is a popular method for everybody.
Shoes or boots can stretch in the freezer. You just need to place shoes in plastic bags with water and put the whole thing in the freezer until morning. It is important to use two bags for each Shoe, the lower packages are tightly tied, and the upper packages leave open. The secret of this method is, that water in packages densely filled up the shoes from the toe to the heel, because the water needs to stretch the shoes. When the ice has thawed, carefully remove the shoes from the freezer and leave to melt for 20 minutes at room temperature. Now remove the bags with water and try to wear shoes. The procedure of freezing shoes if necessary can be repeated. Method is effective, but expensive shoes apply it is still undesirable.
You can stretch leather shoes the opposite way - with the help of heat treatment. Using a hair dryer warm shoes or boots within half a minute. Then immediately brush the footwear with a Shoe stretcher and wear the boots or shoes on the Terry sock. After cooling shoes again repeat in the same sequence. And so a few times until the shoes do not stretch. Then you can restore the moisture in the Shoe with air conditioner for leather shoes.