The most frequently used method to carry shoes, shoes or boots and alcohol. Moisten the inner surface of tight shoes rubbing alcohol or vodka, put on thick socks and wear uncomfortable shoes on my feet. Then moisten with alcohol or vodka the top of the Shoe and walk in it around the house a couple of hours. Doubt not that it will last, including in the length!
An indispensable tool in overcoming the narrowness of the Shoe – the usual boiling water. Pour inside the brand new leather shoes a little hot water, like rinsing the shoes. You can then put on shoes and wander around the apartment. From this procedure the skin will expand.
You can post shoes and not wearing it. Just fill your shoes with wet newspaper and leave to dry. But in any case do not put the battery dry just at room temperature, otherwise it will get deformed galoshes, but not delicate shoes.