Special tool - stretching, good stretches shoes. Its size increases by about 3-10 mm, depending on your desires and the quality of the used tools. You can buy it in the store, where there are creams and other Shoe-care. Well impregnate the material of the shoes and put them on his feet. Walk up to complete evaporation of stretch marks. If the result did not meet your expectations, all repeat. Not very well stretched unnatural skin, and even worse - suede, but try still stands.
Can use water. Stuff shoes tightly with paper or rags and soak with water. The result of the work directly depends on the density of the packing. After drying, try on the shoes - if she stretched hard enough, done, repeat until, until you achieve the desired. Most importantly, that desired could come true. The shoes will stretch more than 1 size.
Shoemakers will come to your aid. Modern technology footwear is capable of much. You can adjust the size under the one that is necessary. The wizard is within reason, and the shoes you can pick up the same day or the next. It all depends on the level of employment of a shoemaker and processing of the material.