You will need
  • Travel document, visa, notarized parental consent for temporary departure of the child abroad, application form, medical insurance.
Select the country you want to send the child. States are divided into three categories of visa: visa-free; visa in a short time and without difficulties; getting a visa requires a lot of time and additional documents. Each category can be found on the website of the ministries of foreign Affairs of Russia.
Without parents abroad permitted departure children from 5 years. Sending your child on a trip keep in mind that the service of childcare are only available in the aircraft. In the bus tours, sea trips and trains all duties of the personnel of such bonus is not included.
Check with the airline on the plane where you buy your ticket, up to what age there is a service "flying nanny". In most cases, a person older than 12 years attention will be paid exactly as much as the rest of the passengers. At the request of parents support it is possible to pay for children up to 17 years. Teens 16 – 18 years have the right to travel abroad independently.
Service supervision starts to operate after the parent register the traveler for the flight, sign the necessary agreements and to fill the questionnaire, which clearly prescribe the data of the child and the host of the party. Here fit the names of specialists who provide support at each stage of the journey, if scheduled transplant. After landing, the airline staff will help young passengers get control, get your Luggage and pass into the hands of the person who is specified in the form.
Federal law of our country establishes a clear procedure for border crossing by citizens, including those under the age of majority. In particular, article 20 of the Federal law №114 States that "if a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation unaccompanied, he must have a than a passport notarized consent of the named persons for leaving of their minor citizen of the Russian Federation with instructions of term of departure and the state (States) which (which) he intends to visit". It is enough to issue one permit that will be valid from birth to 16 years of age and only to visit those countries, which are listed in this document.
The Federal law “On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation” of 15.08.1996 No. 114-FZ
Pay special attention to health insurance. It is desirable that the term of the policy ended six months after your return home. Calculate the amount of insurance so that it could cover not only treatment, but also transportation home. Paying for this document, you will first of all save yourself from petty misunderstandings. Don't forget that we are talking about children, so do not skimp on security.
As the trip was not chosen guest tour invitation and travel itinerary? It also has its own nuances. Find out the details about nutrition. You should warn the team leader if there is an intolerance of any products. During the course of treatment with drugs don't forget to provide the child with the necessary amount, and will also inform the leader of the group. Before the trip, ask whether to accept the drug illegal for import in the selected country. Not the superfluous will learn how to ensure safety during the entire trip. The best is if a group of kids from 6-7 people or teenagers from 10 - 12 employees account for one adult.