If a minor citizen leaves the border with someone from parents, with other relatives or in an organized group, the father and mother of the child , or legal representatives (e.g. guardians or adoptive parents) must apply to the notary office, while providing the passport of both parents, original birth certificate of the child with records of parents, passport number, surname, name and patronymic of the person with whom the child is traveling abroad (e.g., grandmother), documents that show in what country and at what time leaves the child, as well as a certificate of change of name, if one of the parents changed it. Drafting solutions will take 20-30 minutes of your time. Remember that all documents must be originals, not copies, even notarized.
If a child is traveling with one parent, many countries require an export permit from the other parent. This rule applies even to parents who are married. The procedure will be exactly the same as described above. However, some countries allow that the approval may not be certified by a notary, and be drawn up in simple written form. Signature of person providing authorization, must be present in the document.
The problem occurs if the parents are divorced. If dad or mom cannot be found, email the statement to the police, putting reason where there is a missing person. In that case, if the second parent never participated in the upbringing of the child, not pay child support, and find it has failed, obtain the police the appropriate help. This will be enough to provide at the border.
Sometimes the border may require permission from the management of the institution, if the minor is traveling in his direction.