You will need
  • - Russian passport of parents;
  • - original birth certificate of minor citizen, a certificate of a guardian, etc.;
  • - parental consent to leave the child under the care of a third party;
  • - information about the purpose of the trip;
  • - information of a person under guardianship which will be a child;
  • - information on the period during which the child is abroad.
Download a proxy form. Carefully fill it. Specify name of the child data in his birth certificate and his passport (if any).
Put down the passport data of the parents and the individuals, in support of which the child is going. Write in document the exact date of the upcoming trip, if issued a visa for travel. The validity of a power of attorney can be up to the age of the child, if he goes to a country with visa-free entry.
Sign the document bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if the child goes abroad without parents for a long time (more than 3 months).
Ask the spouse (spouse) to issue a power of attorney, if you need a visa to travel abroad with one parent. If the child is visa-free country, to make the document is not necessary.
Take the statement from the other parent, if he won't give her permission to leave the child. This document should be submitted to customs control. Then the data of the child will go on all custom items.
If the second parent (or both) are missing, give the notary, in addition to the above, the following documents: a death certificate, or extract from a court decision on deprivation of parental rights, the identity of a single mother. If the relationship of the child with the other parent are not supported and the location of this person is unknown, the police take the appropriate help.
Contact with the completed proxy form to the notary. Present the originals and photocopies of the above documents. If the form causes difficulty, the notary power of attorney form itself for a fee.