Cycling, like any aerobic exercise, strengthens the cardiovascular system. During active movement the heart has to pump more blood, his heartbeat increases, the blood circulates faster through the vessels. Regular practice of Cycling strengthen the heart muscle, reduce the risk of blood clots, reduce cholesterol in blood, dilates blood vessels.
Cycling has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. The body during the trip requires more oxygen, lungs will work faster and get more air. Cells are well saturated with oxygen, whereby the organs begin to function better. But here it is also about the dangers of riding a Bicycle: if you ride on city streets, the polluted exhaust gases, it is necessary to inhale more harmful substances. On the other hand, cyclists still inhale less dangerous impurities in the air than motorists, and even pedestrians can't completely dissociate itself from the dirty air of the cities. In addition, while riding, the opposite can happen: the increased aeration of the lungs causes the body to get rid of toxic substances, it is especially useful for smokers.
Cycling strengthens the muscles, mostly the burden falls on the feet, but also indirectly involves the muscles of the back and press. Man becomes fitter and stronger. Cycling is a cardio-load, which is perfectly burns fat. Also Cycling is a good prevention of varicose veins, prevention of myopia development and finally, the relaxation for the nervous system. Cycling reduces stress, increases levels of the hormone serotonin, strengthens the nervous system. Cycling coaches the ability to keep balance and coordination of movements, develops reflexes, teaches to make decisions quickly.
Long trips on the hard uncomfortable seats of the Bicycle can be harmful, as the vessels in the pelvic region is compressed, circulation is violated, which can lead to problems in this part of the body. This is especially true of men, some avid cyclists have problems with potency. But this can be avoided if you buy ergonomically designed taking into account anatomic features of a human seat.
Cycling is a pretty traumatic occupation. A fall from this transport can lead not only to injuries, but fractures and more serious damage. In addition, during long complicated trips untrained cyclists can make a pulled muscle or overexertion of joints. This does not mean you have to abandon this sport, it is important to gradually increase the load and ride very carefully, obeying the traffic rules.