While running man is loading the muscles of the thigh and calf which strain and exercise is better than riding a bike. When running uphill start to work the muscles of the anterior galanoy part of the muscles of the neck, back and press. This is subject to compliance with proper running technique, as well as the distribution of breathing. In addition, Jogging exercising the lungs and are a great cardio workout for the cardiovascular system.

Also running can prepare your body for other sports or serious household physical activity.

The running man consumes a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories, so do not really trained body can withstand more hours of active run – and this is the norm. In addition, regular Jogging can have a negative impact on the state of the meniscus and ankle. One of the advantages of running – all you need is good running shoes and no more expensive fixtures. If you can't run, you'll be walking the course or walking, which can also help you lose weight.


In the process of Cycling is training of calf muscles that are working while pressing on the pedal. In addition, bike riding effectively strengthens the quads and hamstrings, removes fat deposits from the press and the gluteal muscles. Bike trains the lungs and cardiovascular system are exactly the same as Jogging.

Many experts argue that Cycling and running have the same usefulness, however Cycling does not take so much energy as Jogging.

To weight loss through bike was active and useful, the bike ride should last at least 90-120 minutes. Such prolonged physical activity causes you to work aerobic energy processes occurring with the oxidation and burning of fat. When practising (twice a day) exercise time on the bike can be reduced to hours. If you have no bike or on the street in the wrong season, you can enroll in a gym where there are automated bike computer that calculate the pulse and the speed of the drive.

Thus, Cycling and running the equivalent effective for weight loss under one condition – they need to combine with a low calorie diet and daily workouts. The most noticeable result of these types of loads noted on the hips.