It may surprise even some seasoned cyclists, but the fact remains: during pedaling aktiviziruyutsya almost all muscle groups. The greatest burden falls on the biceps and quadriceps of the thigh. First used when pressing the pedals, which is especially strongly felt, for example, when climbing a steep slope or when turning on the more difficult mode on a stationary bike. Back muscles swinging on a bike when you lift your foot from the pedals up.

When Cycling the load also falls on the calf muscles. Most often pressing the pedal is toed stop that and loads of caviar. You can put feet at different angles, so the muscles swayed on the bike evenly.

When you reject the body forward and backward and during turns aktiviziruyutsya all the abdominal muscles: top, bottom and side. In these moments the work included the chest muscles and buttocks.

The constant holding of the steering wheel in the desired position leads to the activation of the broadest muscles of the back, and on particularly difficult sections of the road when you have to overcome various obstacles, make use of the deltoid and trapezius muscles.

The tighter you grip the wheel, the harder the muscles of the forearm, and also biceps and triceps. The last two groups of muscles swinging on a bike is less likely, however, frequent travel and hard training they are still much stronger. Thus, a simple walk to classes and bike able if you wish to replace a whole gym. However, do not forget to observe the correct drinking regime and a good rest after each trip.