The main thing – correctly to adjust the seat. This is necessary in order to be able to lean a foot on the ground. You have to adjust the bike to you have not had any discomfort. Stock up on protective clothing: sleeves, knee pads, tight sweaters and pants. Select old clothing that you don't throw a pity. Select the area for training. Best of all, if this is the place with prihlas the ground as the wheels it will not get bogged down.
First ride without pedals. You need to feel balance. Put your left foot on the ground and the right pedal of the Bicycle. The foot that is on the surface, push it and the other slack and don't put absolutely no effort. Try to drive as far as possible, not leaning to the side. The wheel to turn is not necessary. Balance is maintained by your body, and not this control.
Go to the drive. When you get on the bike, the main thing – do not panic. Just relax your muscles. Distribute body weight for the four points on the feet and hands equally. The movement of parts of the body should be smooth, without any jerks. A very important role in keeping the balance of the play of the eyes. No need to watch their feet, look forward, only forward! The brain itself will adjust the balance in relation to other objects.
Learning to ride the bike exclusively on a smooth and straight surface. To turn the wheel no need. When you eat, do not strain your muscles. Relax, don't push the pedal hard, lift your head up, but the steering wheel hold it tight. If you're going to turn, you should not abruptly pull the steering wheel. Slightly turn the body and the wheel. And another important fact: driving too fast on the bike requires certain skills and knowledge, too slow riding on the bike makes it difficult to retain balance. You need to go at an average pace.