Advice 1: How to learn to ride a bike

The bike is a great vehicle which is very mobile and not expensive. It is possible to commute to work, dodging the endless traffic jams, or on the nature with friends. The mass of options. In addition, Cycling is an excellent means to reduce weight. But to appreciate all these advantages is, if you can't ride a bike.
How to learn to ride a bike
The main thing – correctly to adjust the seat. This is necessary in order to be able to lean a foot on the ground. You have to adjust the bike to you have not had any discomfort. Stock up on protective clothing: sleeves, knee pads, tight sweaters and pants. Select old clothing that you don't throw a pity. Select the area for training. Best of all, if this is the place with prihlas the ground as the wheels it will not get bogged down.
First ride without pedals. You need to feel balance. Put your left foot on the ground and the right pedal of the Bicycle. The foot that is on the surface, push it and the other slack and don't put absolutely no effort. Try to drive as far as possible, not leaning to the side. The wheel to turn is not necessary. Balance is maintained by your body, and not this control.
Go to the drive. When you get on the bike, the main thing – do not panic. Just relax your muscles. Distribute body weight for the four points on the feet and hands equally. The movement of parts of the body should be smooth, without any jerks. A very important role in keeping the balance of the play of the eyes. No need to watch their feet, look forward, only forward! The brain itself will adjust the balance in relation to other objects.
Learning to ride the bike exclusively on a smooth and straight surface. To turn the wheel no need. When you eat, do not strain your muscles. Relax, don't push the pedal hard, lift your head up, but the steering wheel hold it tight. If you're going to turn, you should not abruptly pull the steering wheel. Slightly turn the body and the wheel. And another important fact: driving too fast on the bike requires certain skills and knowledge, too slow riding on the bike makes it difficult to retain balance. You need to go at an average pace.
In order to learn how to ride a bike, you need first of all good to be able to keep the balance. For the sense of balance of a person is responsible vestibular system – the part of the inner ear, which allows at any time to determine the body's position in space and to make corresponding adjustments to the trajectory.
Useful advice
In order to learn how to ride a bike, start with mastering the ability to maintain equilibrium. As this will involve almost all muscle groups, you have before you start training, be in good physical shape. Learn how to keep balance without using the pedals. Bring them in horizontal position, put a shock foot on one of them. Press on the pedal and, after passing a little forward, put the other foot on the second, rebounding from the ground.

Advice 2 : How to ride a bike

For fans of fast movement was invented Bicycle. Besides the fact that it is possible to develop a high speed, it is also environmentally safe. In addition, the drive on this vehicle strengthens the body, muscular system of the back and legs, and also allows you to fight obesity. To ride a bike you need to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment.
How to ride a bike
During Cycling acitivity eyes the surrounding landscape, to assess potential obstacles. Paying attention to details, anticipate, whether you will cope with the upcoming obstacles: the gully, large puddles, potholes. If you do not belong to the extreme, it is better to choose the path of least resistance.
Focusing on unfamiliar terrain, slowing down as you drive or stop. In the process of Cycling through the city streets important focus, concentration, ability to maneuver, keep in view at the same time many details of the maneuvers of other cyclists to road signs.
If long drive you have sick hands, elbows and shoulders, check for adequate width bike handlebar. Hands should be placed on it approximately the line of the shoulders. If the wheel is wider, it is advisable to pick up another, narrower. When you ride a bike, look at your wrist. When they are strongly arched down, this is not good, as such a position can lead to pain or injury. Hands need to keep thus, if you cut the bread. In this position, you must have the wrist when Cycling.
Elbows should be relaxed and slightly bent. No need to rely on them, and puff them to the side. From time to time, change your hand position, increasing or decreasing the angle at the elbows, moving the brush. This will prevent leaking of the body and relieve tension from the lower back.
In that case, if you are uncomfortable sitting on the bike, you may experience pain in the lower back. It is quite possible, if the frame of your vehicle is too big or small. In addition, the lower back hurts and when too vertical landing. To avoid this, try to change body position every 10-15 minutes: then shifting when lifting the main weight on his hands, leaning harder on the descent.
Periodically, it is useful to get off the bike and quickly walk Kate in the next room. This will allow you to relax the back and improve blood circulation in those places that have become numb when riding. If in a complex plot you have with the force pressing on the pedals, overcome it on foot.
Slimming pedal bike you need to twist quickly, but this should not be the last. The option of pedaling with a force more suitable for those who want to train the muscles of the anterior thigh.
When Cycling try not to bend the neck. Ensure that it formed back one line, otherwise you will deteriorate the blood circulation and will be a headache. As for a helmet for Cycling, it is necessary not so much to professionals (mostly they get injured upper and lower extremities), how many beginners. Because at any moment there is an opportunity to hit a hole or, for example, a Yorkshire Terrier, fell under the wheels.
It is also worth to learn how to fall off a bike, after all this trouble no one is immune. In the fall, you should regroup, and before reaching the ground, you need to make coasting a few somersaults.
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