Vertical blinds fabric

The fabric is of high quality. These slats allow ambient light, creating a feeling of light in the room. Often the fabric for vertical blinds is impregnated with a water - and dust means that considerably facilitates care of them.

Jacquard, which usually make the lamellae is a polyester with embossed pattern. In a fabric woven of threads of different colors and varying thickness that creates a clear pattern. In addition, the jacquard has high sun protection qualities.

Fiberglass has a high resistance to the deposition of dust, because of this, these lamellae do not require special care. These blinds are recommended for rooms with high fire risks, because fiberglass is a refractory material.

Wave-decor - dimensional fabric through the cut gives the room originality. These blinds diffuse the light, creating the play of shadows in the room, which gives the interior charm. Plus, they pair well with curtains and pelmets.

Buying blinds fabric, stop your choice on dense tissues, and their fins are longer maintain its original appearance. To clean fabric slats from dust, remove them from the eaves and pinned into rolls, dip in hot water with the powder. Then still wet, hang on the ledge, so they will dry faster without losing form.

Vertical blinds of plastic, wood and metal

Plastic lamellas gives the resistance, excludes the possibility of their deformation. Plus, these blinds do not absorb dust and various smells, do not deteriorate from direct sunlight. This is the best option for offices and other public premises. Keep in mind that you need to buy only high quality plastic. Clean plastic blinds with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. For tough dirt, you can soak them in soapy water. Drying should be in the open air.

Wooden slats are usually matched for the interior in a certain style. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, require no special care. They are used with lightweight wood, processed by special technology. Clean wood blinds with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner, wash them undesirable.

Metal, the most infrequently used material for making slats. In General, these blinds are used in non-residential premises, for example, in the bathroom, the kitchen, on the balcony. They are not exposed to direct sunlight, since the metal slats are treated with a special heat-resistant paints. The main drawback of metallic slats is a lot of noise in the draft. Caring for them also is not difficult – they can be wiped with a damp cloth, vacuuming and washing.

Unusual blinds

The pride of modern design art is multifactor. When applying the technology blend multifactory, different materials are used. The result is blinds that mimic the fabric of the curtains, the texture and drape of fabrics. Multifakturnye slats allow you to create any pattern according to customer's request.

Innovation, created with the help of computer technology, is called totaluse. It is a pattern printed on the surface of the lamellae. It can be landscapes, paintings, any photo. The hallmark of such blinds is the image stability to any external influences. This technology allows to manufacture blinds to individual customer order.