To learn how to make shutters, you need to have an idea about their design, where the key element are vertically arranged slats (fabric, metal, plastic or wood strips). The main components of such curtains: cornice, runners, weights, connecting chain, the chain and cord management.
Mounts are different and depend on the type and model of the blindsand often quite difficult to remove for washing or cleaning. To remove fabric vertical blinds, first of all, spare slats from the bottom chain and weights, then proceed to removing canvas runners. This whole process is about the same as the removal of the curtains with the usual hooks.
Aluminum or plastic blinds are removed is quite simple: pull all the slats to one of the edges and for the convenience of secure stationery clip, then carefully remove the moulding with fasteners. In this case, "flags" brackets will need to gently pull and slightly to the right, simultaneously holding the blinds, so you do it quickly and do not damage the mechanism. Now slightly pull down, and the curtain dropped.
Detach the lamella from the clamps, weights and chains. Now they are ready to cleaning, however, unlike fabric, can not turn off, and therefore try to keep your clips until cleaning blinds.
Wooden shutters will have to remove the piece, put the side clamps, and remove the lower chain, remove one plate from the locking mechanism in the eaves. Exercise is time consuming so please be patient.
If the slats becomes damaged, you simply remove them and replace with a new one, it's much cheaper than replacing the whole structure. If necessary, you can change the length of the strips, to create a semi-circle, the oblique cut or give them a different form.