You don't know how to wash vertical blinds made of fabric, so they acquired the former attractive appearance, and after washing were not deformed? Never wash fabric blinds in a washing machine, otherwise they will lose their appearance and also deform. Very carefully wash the blinds manually, and before that, first, complete all the preparatory work. Before washing, carefully remove fins, mounted on the ledge, then remove the bottom chain and remove the weights from the fabric. Neatly and evenly fold the fabric blinds in the coils, and then make their direct wash in manual mode.
Second, the washable vertical fabric blinds provides pre-soaking the prepared rolls in a mild soap solution. To the coils in the washing process do not unravel, put them in special bags and put in powder or gentle soap solution temperature of 30°C for half an hour. Remember that the fabric slats is not recommended to wash in hot water to avoid shrinkage, and the use of brushes can be damaging to the impregnation of the tissues of the lamellae and their protective surface. Fabric vertical blinds cannot be pressing, bend, dry and iron in a bent position, as this may lead to subsequent creases and bends.
When fabric blinds soak, simply rinse them until the disappearance of foam in cold tap water. If the surface of the fabric still remained contaminated sites, treat the blinds with a solution again, and then again rinse. Immediately after washing, not allowing the blinds to dry, hang the slats back onto the ledge so that the water flowed with them already assembled. In this case the blinds after washing will take its original shape, and the strip will not be deformed. Insert the fabric blinds bottom weights, and fabric slats – metal or plastic chain, and leave the product to dry in a natural way, without further Ironing.
Before you wash vertical blinds yourself, try to identify the type of tissue from which they are made. Blinds made from polyester erased good and less deformed, and with products from jacquard to be treated most carefully. Try first to clean with a vacuum cleaner using a special attachment, and if the pollution you can't uninstall, instead of washing will make them dry cleaning