Open a browser and go to Gmail is product of Google that provides free e - mail with huge space for storing emails (about 7 Gigabytes). On the opened page, click "Create account" located in the lower right corner.
Thoroughly complete the form to register the mailbox. To start, specify your real name and surname that will appear in the mailboxes of other users when they receive emails from you. Then select login in the mail. Gmail supports the use of usernames with a length of from 6 to 30 characters. He, unlike the name may be written only in Latin letters, as it will be a part of your email address. It is recommended to create a login, reminiscent of your name and surname, for example ivanpetrov, or your "nickname" on the Internet, such as neznayka. After selecting click on the button "Check availability" to find out the status of your new account: free or busy.
The next step in creating the e - mail concern about mailbox security. Think of and write the login password length less than 8 characters. Create more "complicated" password, consisting of numbers, letters of different registers, and symbols. This is done in order to hack Inbox was almost impossible. Then create a secret question and write the answer. He will be asked if you forget your password. The system restore starts if you give the correct answer. Choose a secret question so that the answer is known only to you.
In the registration completion email additional e-mail, which will also help you if you forget your password. Then enter the captcha letters in the image, the input of which eliminates the automatic registration of the account. Click "Create my account". The mailbox is ready. To sign in to use the same page