On the Internet there are many sites that provide free email services. Among them, there are sites, time-tested and thousands of users, and sites of dubious origin. One of the most popular are,, etc. Check them out and select the one that will have prefer. You can also search for e-mail services.
Start your registration by e-mail go to the selected website and find the link "create a mailbox", "Check in the mail" or a link to such content. On the opened page, in the appropriate boxes, write the name, surname and desired username. Login may consist of Latin letters (a – z), digits (0 – 9), an underscore ( _ ), and periods.
If the desired login is already taken, the system will inform you about it. Think of another username, which will be free. Also the system can suggest possible options based on the name. After successfully filling in the fields, go to the next page.
Create a password and enter it in the appropriate box. Try to come up with the most reliable password – use a and lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and special characters. Then select a security question from the drop-down list (or enter your own) and enter the answer. The answer should be obvious to all, it is only you should know. He will need to regain access to the email if you forget your password.
Now enter the characters represented on a special picture. This is required to confirm that you are not a robot and not engaged in mass registration of email accounts. Read the user agreement. If you agree – click on the "Register" button. E-mail is successfully created! Next, you can specify additional information about yourself: date of birth, country, city of residence, etc.