There are many medical indications for removal of the nail plate. Severe bruising of the soft tissue under the nail with the appearance of suppuration, the ingrowth of soft tissue, mycosis, trauma to the nail plate is the most common reasons for removal of the nail plate. Removal of the nail is not the brightest one event that always causes a lot of unpleasant associations, but, as a rule, such treatment is the only way to completely eliminate the problem. For example, if the damage or deformation of the nail plate, usually only a surgeon can release from the pain associated with this phenomenon. In the case with weakly pronounced ingrown nail in thumb it is possible to remove part of the nail using traditional medicines.
Typically the surgical method of removing the nails used low-impact way. This method assumes that the imposition of the special plaster containing keralities substances, which in a short period of time, can completely dissolve the nail plate. Typically, the patch is applied the day before the procedure, removal of nail plate. The second stage of removal of the nail is performed under local anesthesia. At this stage, the surgeon is left to remove the remaining part of the nail that had grown into the soft tissue. In addition, a thorough cleansing of the nail bed and cuticles. The surgical removal may be soft tissue damage, so in the future you want to apply a disinfectant ointment and monitor the condition of the damaged area to prevent infection. In addition, you need to follow all the rules of hygiene to prevent recurrence of the problem.
At the initial stages of ingrown nail plate in the cuticle you can do without surgical intervention. In this case, you can use some folk remedies to soften the nail, and then remove the nails using regular nail clippers or forceps. The first thing you need to place the finger with the affected nail for 15 minutes in a bath with furatsilina to disinfect the inflamed cuticle. Further, the finger nail should be placed in hot water with fir oil. A warm bath can help soften the nail and relieve pain. Next you need the parts to remove the ingrown part of the nail, starting from the last part of it.