If the nail is broken: what not to do

Basically the nail plate is broken in the place where it ends its contact with the finger, along the lines of "smile." In this part of the nail may not break, but just a little crack on the side. This situation also brings a lot of trouble. Broken nail will cling to hair, scratch, leave tighten on nylon pantyhose or clothing.

In this case, it can be repaired. However, it should be said that trying to glue a broken or cracked nail, "superglue" or other similar tool is not necessary. They will corrode the living cells that will lead to disastrous results – you will ruin the texture of the nail or even losing him.

You need to fix a broken nail

To begin repairing a broken fingernail as soon as possible until the crack has not increased. For this you will need:

1. Disinfectant. It is preferable to acquire such that not only degreases the surface of the nail plate and removes impurities but also removes excess moisture without drying the nail.

2. Special fabric. You can use either a natural material (silk, linen), or synthetic - for example, fiberglass. It is most convenient to work with silk or fibergass. To purchase these fabrics in strips and cut to size nails.
The market today, there are special sets that include all of the above materials. Buying this set will save you not only time but also money.

3. Special glue for nails, which will not cause them harm. Usually this adhesive is liquid and quickly solidifies.

4. Nail files and Buffy. High-quality blade, which will not harm the nails should be abrasive, no more than 240 units. Buffy is a special polishing brush to work with the fabric on the nail, which can be used to make coating more smooth.

How to fix a broken nail

After the acquisition of all of the tools outlined above, you can proceed directly to fix a broken nail. First, you need to clean with a soft brush the area around cracks. This is the best thing to do, moving from the base of the nail up to its edge. Then treat the surface of the nail plate with a disinfectant and apply over the crack a small piece of tissue.

On this cloth you need to apply a special glue, then give it time to dry completely (this usually happens fairly quickly). Then with a nail file will scratch the surface of the fabric. You need to be properly leveled with the surface of the nail plate. At the end of the procedure, you must apply the oil on the treated nail and properly Polish the surface with a soft nail file.
Finally to disguise the damage, cover the nails with colored lacquer.

Of course, the repair of the nail plate will not last too long, however, as a emergency, this method is quite effective. Much depends on the extent of injury and stress on the nail.