What to do if toenail flaking?

The most common cause of peeling toenail may become a fungus. Often, the disease first affects the foot. Begins unbearable itching and flaking, and the skin tiny bubbles appear. If you do not start timely treatment, the fungus will move with the foot on the nail. It will gradually destroy the nail bed, and that will inevitably lead to splitting nails.

So, if you find that the toenail departs, you should see a doctor. You will be assigned the appropriate treatment. In principle it is possible to use folk remedies, if the nails are affected too. It is also recommended to use special medicated nail Polish.

If you follow the advice of traditional medicine, you can make a solution of soda. To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in three gallons enough water. In such a mixture should be periodically soar feet. After taking steam bath you need to dry the feet and apply to the affected area with a cotton disc, oiled celandine. A similar procedure is recommended at least twice a day. If the nail moves away from the finger, you can periodically keep your feet in the wine vinegar, coffee, tea or lubricated salicylic ointment.

I broke a toenail: a solution to the problem

If left untreated nail fungus, it will gradually peel off more and more. As a result, the nail can even pull away. Actually the complete detachment of the nail can be a consequence of some injury, for example, a heavy injury. If you happened to such trouble, but nail moved away from the legs fully, you should immediately go to the emergency room. The surgeon will remove the nail and treat the wound. In no case do not try to cope with this problem, you can introduce infection.

If the nail came off completely, the wound can be treated without medical intervention. You can use hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution and gauze. After disinfection should be placed on the wound a small amount streptocide ointment. With movement of the fingers can be painful sensation, but it is quite acceptable. Of course, to stay in bed will not be for everyone. Therefore, before leaving be sure to put on the damaged place a bandage with ointment streptocidi and carefully seal it with plaster. Do not panic in case of swelling of the other toes of the foot. It's a natural reaction to trauma.