Bandage for pregnant women - a special device created to hold the anterior abdominal wall and internal organs in normal position. This device really helps to redistribute the workload, resulting in possible some of the pressure off certain parts of the spine.
Before you get a bandage, be sure to consult your gynecologist. There are certain contraindications that restrict its scope. For example, it can't be worn in those cases, if the fetus is wrong. Many experts believe that in normal pregnancy the use of support belts is not necessary. The bandage must for women who underwent a caesarean section and mothers of large families. After multiple pregnancies, the abdominal wall muscles become easily extensible and require additional support.
When choosing a brace focus on your own needs. In the commercially available support belt for pregnant women, special support panties and universal brace. Panties high elastic waist is the most impractical kind of supports, but they are not as noticeable under clothing. Versatile bandage can be used as before birth and after. Equally important is the fabric from which the product is manufactured. Note the support zone, the inner side of which is made from natural fabrics, does not irritate the skin.
Choosing a brace in the store, be sure to consider its size. If your waistline is 65-79 centimetres, you need to pay attention to the size S. the waist 80-96 cm corresponds to size M, 97-106 cm - size L, 107-120 cm - size XL.
Some of the tires-belts have their own size chart. Typically, size has numerical values from 1 to 6. So, for example, the zone labeled "1" corresponds to the 42 Russian size "2" - size 44, "3"- 46 size "4" - 48 size "5"- 50 size, "6" -52 size. In order not to make the wrong choice, try on the brace prior to purchase. If the size is chosen correctly, you will feel in it as comfortable as possible.