Consult in advance with your doctor, isn't it time you wear the brace. Highly recommended by the doctor to wear a brace , a woman with multiple pregnancies, in the case of spinal problems, ladies with varicose veins, pregnant women with polyhydramnios or large fruit.
Look in a specialty store for pregnant women, what are the types of bandageto her. Conventionally, all these products can be divided into 3 types: bondagebelt, bondagepanties and bandage-lacing. Ask the seller to get out of the boxes of these models and deploy them, because often the pictures represent the product difficult. Inspect all laces, buckles and Velcro. Pay attention to the fabric from which the product is made, because some types of bandageshe put on a naked body.
Ask the sales assistant to choose the model of the desired type, color and size. Don't settle to buy what you have", take only the right size.
Try and wear a bandage in the supine position. Most gynecologists recommend to do it in the morning, not getting out of bed. If you have already stood up and walked through the rooms, you can lie down for 15 minutes and only then put on the bandage. If the model is in the form of a tape, then attach the Velcro on the level of the pubis, and the wide part will take place under the waist.
Follow the drawings and the recommendations on the box of the product. Properly secured the bandage should be held under the belly and not too much to break him. Focus on your feelings. It is not necessary to wear the brace all day. Well if you have the ability to make the tummy small breaks. Remove the bandage very carefully also. Do not dramatically draw back the Velcro and hooks, because your stomach is not a bouncy ball.