Correctly made and correctly picked the brace takes the load off the spine, facilitates walking and even prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Prenatal bandage wraps around the lateral surface of the growing belly and supports it from below. It allows to reduce the pressure of the uterus on the bowel, bladder, ensures their normal functioning and prevents back pain. Correct prenatal bandage is completely harmless to the unborn child. Especially important is the wearing of bandages active and working women, as well as varicose veins, multiple pregnancies, threatened preterm labor.
There are several varieties of modern prenatal bandages. Bandage-belt - is already outdated model, which is rarely seen on sale. Is a stretchy wide belt. May have laces or a Velcro flap. It put on underwear, lying down. Recommended a brace to women with weak abdominal muscles, and also for fixing the correct position of the fetus.
Bandage-pants - a modern band, it's cotton briefs with elastic panel that supports the abdomen. He also put in a horizontal position. Very easy to use, does not restrict movement. It is easy to take on and off. Needs frequent washing, as it's used as underwear. Therefore, it is optimal to purchase a couple of the bandages.
Antenatal bandages, doctors recommend to carry 24-30 weeks of pregnancy. The recommendation provides the doctor. Modern bands pick up on the size that the woman had before pregnancy. To select the size of bandage should be carefully measured with measuring tape the circumference of the tummy. The product is sold with a margin, so add to the resulting figure 5-10 centimeters. The desired degree of tension is regulated by a system of valves.
Doctors recommend to take prenatal bandage for a few minutes every 3 hours. Regardless of the type of bandage to put on it must be in the supine position. In a vertical position under the pressure of the abdominal muscles are stretched and they need to be maintained in original condition. Properly selected and worn a bandage for pregnant women does not cause discomfort. Sometimes after removing the skin there was red stripes or the woman always want to remove the bandage, in this case it is recommended to increase the size of the product.