You will need
  • - foam;
  • - fabric for the cover.
  • - sewing machine;
  • - spring units;
  • - wooden slats.
The foam is better to choose thicker. Or clean the gasket at least a bilayer. The layers are with thickness of 12.5 cm each. Defining the desired dimensions, generate raskryvanie foam – better to do it with an assistant.
Follow the pattern on the fabric intended for wrapping the mattress. It is necessary to leave several inches of fabric for seam allowance. To be able to wash the cover, sew it you have to kind of pillowcase with zipper or overlap. The length of the pattern for this purpose add about twenty centimeters.
Cream case sew on the sewing machine, the seams move zigzag or overlock. Now take the prepared folded the foam, put the cover on it. Foam mattress ready.
If the gasket is used polyester batting or wadding, construction starts with the case. It's sewn like a bag, one side of which is sewn a zipper. Ready case fill gasket, and that she had not lost in clumps, additionally mattress stitch through and through – you can do it in the form of diamonds or squares.
With spring units mattress doing so. Put all the springs in order, vertically, so the ends were on the same level. The bottom should be fixed all with the slats of wood. Runs tying of springs, with a durable cord all the springs bind up and diagonally. On top of design placed the burlap, then fatinovy layer, then the mattress is covered with fabric, which should be fixed by means of staples.