You will need
  • Repair kit for inflatable mattress or inflatable old toy and the second adhesive.
Best results when repairing an inflatable mattressand retrieved using the special kit, for example: Intex Repair Kit. The kits are sold as accessories to the inflatable mattressof am and the boats and represent a small set of glue, patches and instructions, cost from 50 to 100 rubles.To repair a mattressand you need to cut the patch larger than the puncture in the mattresse, spread a thin layer of adhesive on the patch and press it to the damaged area of the mattress.
Repair kit for inflatable <strong>mattress</strong>s
To fix mattress is possible without special tools. Patches for any old inflatable toy, for example: a child's round, bouncy ball or bubbles. You need to cut a patch of appropriate size and stick it on the damaged area of the mattressand with the help of instant universal glue "Moment."
When the glue dries, you need to check the result. If stuck badly and the air from under the patch comes out, then you can retry. Not taking already pasted the patch to stick on top of another, but larger, especially paying attention to the edges of the patches were completely smeared with adhesive.