You will need
  • - passports and their copies
  • - the reference from female consultation about pregnancy of the bride
  • - statement
For marriage registration must submit the statement to the Registrar. This necessarily personal presence of both future spouses, copies of their passports and payment of the registration fee. Once the documents is usually assigned a period of reflection in the average month, and in some places two. If this registry office there is a large queue, you can set a suitable date, otherwise it will choose that freely.
If you are pregnant, under the Family Code of the Russian Federation you have the advantage, so they can register their relationship even on the day of submission of the application. Of course, we must remember that some days the Registrar is not running, and will you make the wedding ceremony speech, music, or just sign together. Because each institution has its own schedule, and some days, celebrations, and other normal painting. In Moscow, registry offices operate by the same mode: Sunday, Monday - closed; Friday, Saturday - ceremony and the other days easy.
To prove your pregnancy, you must provide to the Registrar a certificate from the antenatal clinic, which is the exact date and information about the health of women. If there are any health problems, or you have soon time to give birth, the head of the registry office is obliged to paint you when you want it. Of course a hall for ceremonies you will not open, but will register accurately.
With both spouses present, but if one of them is unable for a valid reason (long trip, hospital stay, etc.), you can bring a statement from him notarized.
In recent years it has become fashionable registration of marriage, i.e. you can invite the employees registry office at any convenient for you place. This service is available in many institutions, but is not free and sometimes quite expensive. You can even sign in the nursing home, but we must remember that this painting does not carry any legal force, so you first need to register in the registry office.