Most often, payment of state duty through Sberbank produce. In almost every branch of the Bank is terminal. Need to know details of the recipient. And it is worth remembering that payment through the terminal has one disadvantage: the machine does not surrender. Samples of filling of receipts are available at each office of the savings Bank, you only need to enter the details of the payer. Also, a receipt for payment can be printed on the website of the traffic police. You can ask the Bank employee-cashier and he is 15 rubles on the computer will fill in the details, and you will just have to make a payment. In Sberbank have consultants who can tell you how to enter data and how to pay legal costs. The Commission for payment of the state fee is not charged.
Sberbank online. For payment you need to know your ID and password. Log in to my account, just choose the section: "Payment for goods and services", next: "traffic police, taxes, fees, budgetary payments". Going to this section you need to enter the data OKATO and KBK, and then choose a service and decide which card you will be paying. Then confirmed the payment, after that should receive a text message to the phone number that was specified in the contract with the Bank. Then enter the password, which was sent to your mobile phone and complete your payment.
You can pay the state fee through the mail. Basically, payment of the state duties produce only large post offices. You need to find out whether payment of the duty in a particular post office.
In order to make a payment, you will need a completed receipt or form of payment. Need to know details of the recipient and the addressee.
Easiest to pay the stamp duty via the Internet. On the website, on it is possible not only to pay fines, state duties, but also to see existing fines. You first need to register on the portal, you can then choose the services in this case: "the fee". To pay the stamp duty via the Internet, you will need to enter the following data: address of the payee, the payer's passport data, name of the fee and the full Bank details of the recipient and sender. The payment of the state fee shall be made from the Bank card account or through online wallets. Once all data is entered and payment is made, if possible, you can print a receipt.
Payment of registration fee is possible in the building of the traffic police. Fortunately, in the premises of this organization, you have payment terminals, through which you can easily pay for the service.