The process of removing wisdom teeth

In the normal position of wisdom teeth in the jaw removal is considered to be simple, but in any case, before this operation you need to do x-rays to see the location and size of the roots. This will allow the doctor to plan actions and to reduce the risk of injury and complications.

When impacted or politisierung position when the tooth is not erupted to the end, the required.

Modern anesthesia allows us to perform the procedure without discomfort. First do an injection in the gum, then special forceps or excavator remove the tooth. If the wound after pulling out to get more, the doctor may close the gums with a special material that completely dissolves. In most cases the hole to stop the bleeding is overlaid with a small piece of gauze which can be removed in half an hour or an hour after surgery.

Healing of the hole after removal of wisdom teeth

After removal the doctor should tell you about the healing, how to care for the wound and what to do in case of pain or other problems. After the anesthesia, the place of the missing tooth starts to hurt – the more complex the operation was, the stronger may be the feeling. This is normal, if the pain is really bothering, you can take painkillers. Possible appearance of swelling of the cheek, fever and a little weak – if it lasts no more than three days, then fear not.

While the wound is healing, it is important not to rinse your mouth – hole should be formed blood clot, which is formed by the gum tissue. In a few days for faster healing, use herbal infusions or antiseptics, but do not rinse, and keep the liquid in his mouth near the wound. Chew food on the other hand, to avoid damaging the clot and cause pain.

Pain and swelling should gradually pass if they are concerned about three days after removal of and increase, you need to visit a doctor.

The healing process and tissue of the gums in place of the hole lasts about 2-3 weeks. May prevent the so-called dry hole or root fragments in the wound, in this case, the pain, the swelling increases, there is bad breath – I need to visit the dentist. Healing is slower if the person suffers from cold or has inflammation in the mouth, suffer from exacerbation of chronic diseases. The hole is longer in women during menstruation, dentists suggest to remove the tooth in the last days of the cycle.