When the eye teeth appear

The eye teeth appear in the child, usually in the 16-22 month. To this period he had already climbed all of the major milk teeth, and were first molars. The process of teething eye teeth in children is very painful. In order to ease the pain of the baby, there are various methods and means. Since the appearance of the eye teeth accompanied by inflammation of the gums, and the pain begins to eliminate such inflammation pharmacies sell various kinds of gels and oils. To the pain subsided enough to massage the gums with the help of these drugs.

Another tool that can not only alleviate pain, but to speed up the process of teething eye teeth, are a variety of toys, teethers made of silicone. These toys have the massage effect, so their use effectively and even to the child, who, playing, takes off his own pain.

In addition to pain, the child may appear high temperature. Therefore, during the eruption of the eye teeth to avoid cold areas. And if the temperature for a long time does not change - you need to call the pediatrician.

Oh and don't forget that the child's pain can be alleviated not only medicines, but also just giving him a little more of his warmth and affection.

Why are eye teeth called eye and can you delete them

The concept of "eye tooth" is the people rather than medical. Eye these teeth are called due to the fact that honking is the nerve that is responsible for communicating the upper part of the face with the Central nervous system.

The people is quite widely believed that the eye teeth can't be deleted, otherwise you can lose your vision. In fact, such a statement is just a myth. With the very vision that these teeth are not connected, and deleting them to see you will not stop. The only point to keep in mind is that the removal of fangs, first, has to happen with anesthesia, and sometimes only under General anesthesia, as this process is very painful. And secondly, the removal of fangs can give your face is not very aesthetically pleasing. Often after that, noticeable sagging of the cheeks and change the shape of the face. So before you delete you should think carefully about the possible consequences and, if the tooth can be cured, it is better not to tear it.