Immediately after tooth extraction you leave the office with a cotton swab in your mouth. It is designed to ensure that you don't bleed and run it. Keep it between the clamped jaws all day. Spit it out. Normal coagulation usually 15-20 minutes is enough to stop bleeding. Don't worry, if after this time your saliva will still be painted red. After one or two hours it goes.
Immediately after tooth extraction not to eat and drink for 2 hours. This prevents every dentist. The whole day will have not to drink alcohol. For 24 hours it is necessary to abandon sharp and hot food.
On the first day after the removal is not recommended to rinse your mouth. In the hole, which was obtained after removal of the tooth, the stopper was formed from a clot. It protects your wound in your mouth from falling into it of germs and infection. You can't remove it, vypolaskivat or licking tongue. Try to do for the first day not to touch the tongue of the patient.
The next day after surgery, prepare the soaking solution. It would suit a decoction of chamomile or sage. You can use a solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina. Rinse your mouth with liquid with your body temperature. Therefore, make the solution for the whole day a little more concentration than necessary, and dilute single serving (100 ml) of hot boiling water. Rinse repeat every hour for three days.
For two days, discard the bath and Laundry procedures. Any heating the body, saunas, steam bath and Hamam is strictly prohibited. Even the local pad to the affected area can cause bleeding. For the same reason you cannot drink or eat hot.
Not two days to do hard physical labor, heavy lifting, and bending. In some dental clinics are issued medical certificates for exemption from work for this period of time.
If you feel severe pain, take pain medications orally or make the shot. It is strictly forbidden to put in place of the removed tooth of any medications, ointments or other substances. If the pain does not pass on the third day, be sure to consult a doctor.
Completely rebuilding tecnologo Lodge is in the end of the third week under the condition that all of the above rules. During this time try not to chew on bones and drink pure alcohol. The slightest wound or burn can cause alveolitis – inflammation of the hole.