The Orthodox Church never accepted divination as a useful method of obtaining certain knowledge or of attaining any worldly goods. Usually guessing on destiny, there is also a practice to speculate in order to find out the name of the spouse or to any other information. In folk traditions there are many different forms of divination. For example, on the maps by hand using a photo or other items. The people have a tradition to read Christmas (days dedicated to the feast of the Nativity). All of these practices cause a negative attitude on the part of the Church.

The Orthodox Church belongs to the field of divination is mysterious and mystical. Christianity claims at guessing a person to exercise their free will to appeal to demonic forces. According to the teaching of Christianity is not likely to have a beneficial effect on the human soul, therefore, the practice of divination and forbidden by the Church.

Christianity teaches that man is not very useful to know your future, as it may harm the pursuit of moral perfection of the individual. Appeal to the dark forces of the world cannot cause the positive feedback from the Church. Even the comic fortune-telling, on the recommendations of the Church should not have a place in the Christian life.

Sometimes in fortune-telling ritual parties mention the names of God or saints. The Church considers it blasphemous, because there is nothing in common between light and darkness. Expressions in spells and divination, the erecting of a man's mind to Christian personalities really have nothing to do with Orthodox practice, the prayer appeals to saints.

The Church consists of all divination magic and some form of magic, therefore, Christians should try to be selective in the actions that are available in the literature or consult people.