The Christian Orthodox Church has its own view on the stuff. In this regard, the attitude of Orthodoxy to the people with the relevant skills may not be trustworthy.

The Church forbids going to psychics. While Christianity does not reject the possibility of providing a valid and effective effect on the person from outside psychics. The question is, what force gives this knowledge to anyone who wants to delve into the mysteries of the world.

Psychics can communicate with otherworldly forces. They sometimes cross the line of death proclaiming to the people about the desires of dead people or events that happened once. Christianity says that a relationship with the other world is caused by the interaction with the forces of darkness. However, many psychics do not accept that, and not realize it. They claim that they help people. Often their help in the future negatively affects a person, because an appeal to the dark region can not simply have a positive impact.

Some psychics practice tips people visited temples with the purpose of the sacrament. And then invite. Many it is confusing, though this is not surprising. In the sacrament man receives the divine grace of the (positive energy). Psychics can use this power for their own purposes. Moreover, the latter do not deny the fact that they feel appropriate energy emanating from the man.

Many facts of people visiting psychics eventually ended in failure. Therefore, the Church warns people about caution in handling them. The person becomes vulnerable to the impact of negative demonic forces because he manifests his will in pristupanje to her.

The main reason for the negative attitude of the Church to psychics is that the people who come for help to the last, can harm your soul, choosing appeal to mystical forces, and not to God.