Advice 1: How in Word to replace the word throughout the text

Using the text ofovogo Word in the document to find a certain word or phrase and replace it with another. This is especially useful when handling long texts.

In any version of Word the commands window find and replace words invoked with Ctrl+H. you Can use Ctrl+F and go to the tab "Replace".

In the field "search" enter the word you want to replace in the "Replace" - replace it. Under "search Options" check the boxes for the necessary conditions. If any item is not available, click "More."

To broaden a search, you can use "Wildcards". For example, you need to find all words that begin with "K" and end in "R". Check this option, enter in the field "Find" the string "K*R" and hit "Find next". The search will give you the word "mosquito", "squid", "boat", "Kosovar", "controller", etc.

To find a word from a certain number of letters, use the"? " character. Enter in the search field "to???R" and the program will highlight the words "mosquito" and "boat". For help on using wildcards click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the window search and replace.

If you check option "All word forms", the search will find all words that include this expression. For example, the introduction in the "Find" root "key will be marked with the words "adventure", "switch", "enclosed" etc.

If you click "Replace", it will be replaced by the first found the word. To replace all the words, hit "Replace all".

You can use formatting when replacing - for example, the replacement word will be highlighted by blanks, tabs, bold or in any color, etc. point to the field "Replace with", then click "Format" and select the desired item.

"Replace all" works faster, but better to use it with caution. Incorrect replacement, you can undo with Ctrl+Z.

Advice 2 : How to change text in word

The use of text in Microsoft Word makes working with documents easy and enjoyable. For example, it is not difficult to change already typed text, not reprinting it again.
How to change text in word
If you want to replace the word in the text, you should put the cursor on that word and select it by double-clicking the left mouse button. Then instead of the selected word can be typed in the necessary. If you just need to remove the word, then after selecting it with the mouse press the spacebar.
We proceed similarly if you want to remove or change part of the text, only allocate the necessary paragraph or a fragment thereof, moving the cursor over while holding down the left mouse button in pressed state as long as the entire replaced text is highlighted. Further typing is necessary or unnecessary is removed.
After completing the above technique, it is possible not only to type in new text, but also to make other changes to the text or its part. In this case, selecting with the mouse the necessary fragment, as described above, press the right mouse button. As a result, the screen opens a window where you can select the actions you wish to make this part of the text. You can delete it, copy it to the clipboard, change the size and style of the font to convert the fragment into a bulleted or numbered list, etc.
To paste the text you copied earlier fragment, it is necessary to set the insertion point where you want to make a bet, click the right mouse button and choose in the menu tab "insert".
If you want to replace part of the text letters for the title, again the text printing is not required. It is sufficient to highlight the desired track by using the left mouse button, and then on the top toolbar (the Home tab) to find the button "Register" (next it shows uppercase and lowercase letters) in the drop down list to choose "All caps".
In addition, by using this list, you can select other functions such as "Start With Uppercase" - in this case, all the printed words will start with uppercase letters, or "Change case" - in this case will change the case of all letters of the selection, uppercase becomes lowercase, and Vice versa. If you select "Like in sentences", the title will be the first letter in the selected sentences. Select option "All lowercase" allows all letters in the selection to make lowercase.
If the text typed into the table you can change the direction by selecting with the left mouse button, the text in one or more cells, and then by pressing the right mouse button, choose the context menu item "text Direction" and specify the desired direction: upward, downward, or from left to right.
Useful advice
Don't forget to save the text changes.
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