Start Word in the usual way and open the file with text. To find the word in the document, activate the Home tab. In the "Edit" click on the thumbnail of the "Find" with a picture of binoculars. By default, this block is located on the right side of the toolbar. If you are accustomed to working on the keyboard, you can use the keys Ctrl and F.
Opens a new dialog window with active tab "Find". In the same field and enter the wordthat you need to find in the text, and click Find next. Search begin with the word that has the mouse cursor and will end after watching the last word in the document. Keep this in mind when calling this function. When the wordcorresponding to the specified requirements is found, the search engine will highlight it.
The search window is always on top. If your document is one and the same word occurs several times, and you need to find it and edit in all the text, close the window of a search engine is not necessary. Just click "Find next" until until you check the text in its entirety. At the same time you can make changes to the proposal.
If you need to specify a particular search parameters, click the "More" button in the left part of the window. Unfold an additional panel. Mark with a marker the fields, which meet your search criteria: "match case" search "Only the word "whole, "Consider the suffix" and so on.
Please note the button "Special" in the group "Search". In that case, if you need to find a special symbol, for example, a footnote, a non-breaking hyphen or a section break, click this button and select from the dropdown list one of the items. Click "Find next".